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Celebrating the Arts across Bright Futures!

This week, we held our inaugural Bright Futures Arts Festival at Gorton Education Village and, wow, what a day – it was a huge success! 

We were so impressed with the level of preparation and performance of each school, we have some serious talent across our Trust. Performers truly delivered on the feel-good factor and the atmosphere was just electric.

It was also an opportunity for staff and students to enter a different environment and see other parts of the Bright Futures Family, and have those conversations with colleagues from other schools. Colleagues across the Trust highlighted that ‘The opportunity for our pupils to see other school with Bright Futures has been invaluable and they now feel part of something much bigger’ and ‘Getting out of your own setting and into another really makes you realise and value being part of a Trust’.

Aside from the outstanding performances, there was a moment outside where secondary students were complimenting each other’s performances and then involved many of our younger students in a game. No phones or iPads, just children playing and connecting with one another. We forget how much children need those interactions outside of their own settings.

We asked students after the festival what they made of the day, ‘I really enjoyed the art festival, I loved the opportunity to watch students from other Bright Futures School’ and ‘I was nervous at first but all of the other school were so supportive it made me feel great.’

The day also saw the launch of our Youth Charter, designed by our Youth Board, these are the commitments that we want all students across Bright Futures to demonstrate every day. Having a Youth Charter reaffirms our students’ place at the heart of everything we do, making sure their voices are heard and ensuring we know what is important to them. As a diverse group of schools, these commitments really support our values of Passion, Integrity and Community.

The commitments will be proudly displayed in all Bright Futures schools.

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