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Human Resources

Our Human Resources team, led by our Director of HR and Strategy, comprises of qualified HR professionals and a virtual team of support staff who provide HR and payroll processes and systems.

We pride ourselves in being a Great Place to work. In order to get the best from our young people we need to invest in our workforce providing opportunities for people to work collaboratively, to share best practice, to support and challenge one another, recognising that we are always learning. Staff development is an important aspect of our employment offer and we provide many opportunities using our networks and our own schools and expertise, to enable staff to grow in their existing role and progress beyond it. It is an exciting place to work. The diversity of our schools is a huge asset that brings expertise across many different aspects of teaching and learning. Equality, diversity and inclusion is a thread that weaves through all our employment practices. Together we make a strong, vibrantand exciting team.

Our HR strategy focuses on continuous improvements to our policies, practices, and systems to ensure high levels of inclusion and equality of treatment. The HR team lead on the relationship with Trade Unions that represent our staff. We have a recognition agreement with these unions and use our Joint Consultation and Negotiation Body (JCNB) to consult on key HR policies which then apply consistently across all of our schools. We also have consistent contracts of employment and a set of terms and conditions of employment, which are formed around either the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPC&D) or the NJC (Green book) terms for our Associate (non-teaching) staff. Some of these terms exceed the burgundy and green books.

Specialist HR advice is always available to leaders in schools to support them in planning, and managing change projects, or in handling individual cases, including staff absences and safeguarding matters, with a strong emphasis on being fair, reasonable and supportive.

We also offer bespoke HR training to school leadership teams. The sessions have been very well received and have impacted positively on staff welfare, engagement and reducing absence.

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