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Training a Trainee

The Benefits of Hosting a Trainee

Training the workforce of the future is a privilege and helping to shape the early career experiences of a trainee can play a vital part in the recruitment and retention of a strong and highly skilled workforce.

Schools, have a pivotal role within School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and supporting a trainee should be seen as a reciprocal  arrangement  – with trainees bringing fresh and vibrant  ideas to the classroom and mentors using their experience and expertise to advise and shape them into effective future teachers. 

Teacher training gives current classroom practitioners the time and opportunity to not only reflect on current practice, but to self- reflect and develop their own practice using the latest teaching and learning ideas from current educational, action research forums.

Working as part of Bright Futures SCITT allows for the sharing of pedological approaches drawn from a wide variety of schools, from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and communities. This provides rich opportunities  for further continuous professional development and mutual collaboration for all who are involved,  improving  our practice and the practice of future teachers and significantly impacting outcomes for our pupils. 

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