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Print Equipment

Date Request Recieved: 27/11/2023  -  Date Response Sent: 19/12/2023

Details of Request

Please answer the following questions regarding print equipment held at your Multi Academy Trust


1.      Is procurement for this arranged on a centralised basis or handled by each individual school?

2.      Total collective number of MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices)?  Please approximate if exact amount unknown

3.      Name(s) of your current supplier(s)?

4.      Contract start/end date(s)?

5.      Details of any extension options?

6.      Total annual print volumes for both mono & colour?

7.      Do you expect these volumes to increase or decrease over the next 12 months?

8.      Do you use a framework (Crown Commercial, Crescent, Schools’ Buying Club etc)?

9.      Are any aspects of your print (not handled in house) outsourced to an external supplier, if yes to who?

10.   Name of person at the Trust responsible for print?

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this request and I look forward to receiving your full response within 20 working days, therefore no later than Wednesday 27th December.

Details of Response

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