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Energy Procurement and Decarbonisation

Date Request Recieved: 29/01/2024  -  Date Response Sent: 26/02/2024

Details of Request

I would be grateful if you could assist my research into your trust’s energy procurement methods, as well as your decarbonisation progress.

Structure of information – If possible, could the information supplied please be submitted in excel format, with the Question answer in the cell below the Question number.

E.g. Cell A1 would contain “1” and Cell A2 would contain the answer, Cell B1 would contain “2” and Cell B2 would contain the answer (Example below).

__¦_________A___________ ¦__________B_________

1 ¦_________ 1____________¦ _________ 2_________

2 ¦ __Answer to question 1__ ¦__Answer to question 2__



Questions: —

1.How many schools are in your Academy Trust?


Energy Procurement –

2.Do you procure your energy in bulk as a group, for most of your schools? (Y/N)

a.i. If yes, do you use a public sector procurement framework, or a private broker, to purchase electricity and gas?

  1. Which Framework or broker have you used?
  2. If neither, how do your schools procure their electricity and gas?
  1. Do you use the same procurement organisation for other services or products? (Y/N)

If so:

a.) Which services or products?

b.) What specific frameworks are used to do this?

  1. How does the Local Education Authority influence your energy procurement decisions?


Energy savings and decarbonisation – As a Trust:

  1. Do you have overarching carbon reduction or net zero targets? (Y/N)

If so: a. What are these targets?

b: Do you have a plan of how you would reach your targets ? (Y/N)

  1. Do Schools in your trust have access to an energy monitoring service? (Y/N) a. If so: What company provides this service?


Solar PV Panels – As a Trust:

  1. Approximately what percentage (or how many) of your schools have solar panels installed?
  1. Do you intend to roll out solar on all or most of your schools? (Y/N)
  1. Do you use 3rd party solar schemes which fund solar panels (such as rent a roof or Power Purchase Agreement)? (Y/N) a)If so, which 3rd party schemes have you used?
  1. Do you have access to funding for rooftop solar panels? (Y/N) a) If so, what is the source of funding?


LED Lighting – As a Trust:

  1. Approximately what percentage (or how many) of your schools have mostly LED lighting?
  1. Do you intend to roll out LED in all or most of your schools? (Y/N)
  1. Do you provide a trust operated scheme or programme to install LED Lighting? (Y/N)
  1. Do you provide any support to help academies develop their own plans and funding for LED Lighting? (Y/N)

Details of Response

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