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Rushbrook and Cedar English collaboration

A group of Year 5 students from Rushbrook Primary Academy visited Cedar Mount Academy’s English department to take part in a creative writing workshop with Miss Reid. The main objective of the workshop was to unleash their creativity by rediscovering lost words and learning about the origins of natural vocabulary. Pupils revisited words such as conker, magpie, and dandelion. During the session, the pupils were given a passage from ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert McFarlane, where they learned about the traditions, superstitions, and importance of the natural world in an era where technology dominates.

Putting their newfound knowledge to use, pupils used the text to create a piece of ‘blackout poetry’. They used a marker pen to underline words and interesting phrases and shaded out the rest of the words on the page. From these words and sentences, they experimented with rhyme and line structure to produce acrostic poetry. The work was artistic, unique, and fun! Year 5 took turns to read out their work to the rest of the class and later customized their pieces with colour and pictures to create stunning pieces of artwork to take home with them.

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